Open VR gaming center in your city!

  • VR is the next big thing

  • You will be the only one in your city

  • Payback period is about 1/2 year

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Business model

Imagine, that you have the coolest gaming center and every day there are lines of people waiting to enter, «jack in» and find themselves in outer space

  • The family next door will be talking about it all the time

  • You can make 2-4 bookings a day

  • Each game lasts 1 hour

  • Each game is up to $120

How much?

About the game

  • Players fly in zero gravity, solve puzzles and shoot robots with lasers

  • It is multi-player! Remember? Like the good old days, when you went over to your friend’s house to order a pizza, a coke and play video games


Christine L. Los Angeles, USA

It really forces teamwork in a fun way. It was so cool being in an actual video game type experience and interacting with my teammates in the virtual world.

Jake T. Redmond, USA

If you ever want a good team building activity, something fun to do with friends, or just want to finally know what it's like to have laser beam hands, I would definitely recommend giving it a shot. You won't regret it.


“Thanks to the Lostroom team. Several weeks ago, it became obvious for me that the future that frightened us in fantastical movies has come.”


“The movie Avatar is not so fantastic… I have never put the virtual reality headsets on. The amazing thing is that you can see everything around you by turning your head in different directions. Using your hands you direct avatar’s hands, replace objects, shoot from the laser, you use telekinesis, even just move your hands in front of you is really awesome – the avatar repeat all movements. I was pleased with the possibility to fly along the spaceship and outer space in any directions, turn over to catch some object of the quest. There is everything that should be in an ordinary computer game, but you feel like all these happens to you in reality!"


“4 Oculus Rift, headsets: ready, steady, go! You fly across the spaceship, operate robot-avatar (as in a movie), shoot from laser and so on. What can I say, we are the virtual reality fans. We are really glad it is not only in a movie now.”


“You think we are in a room, but we are cyborgs on an interplanetary spaceship, flying across the stars to the inevitable death! Because it is a quest in virtual reality headsets. I do not care we did not win. It was awesome! Now I can fly!"


"Excellent graphics, not very difficult tasks, good audio accompaniment, operator’s assistance. Sometimes your body refuses to do what your eyes see, it is completely new emotions. Thank you very much for approximate us to the faraway cosmos! Looking forward for new games!”


“When my groupmate said she had bought robotic vacuum cleaner I felt the future is coming. When I saw a man wearing jolly jumper run along me on some St Petersburg side street I thought it is really coming. Recently I made sure it has already come! We played Virtual Reality quest in Lostroom. It is unreal feeling to see my hands… inhuman, but in a robot space suit, to replace objects by means of telekinesis, fly in outer space. I felt all this in reality! It is the only virtual reality quest for several players. Probably I have been dreaming about it for 15 years! I advise everyone!"

Orlin Radev Sofia, Bulgaria

The Cosmos game is a total hit. When I first played it I was so impressed, I immediately knew I had to bring it to my hometown - Sofia, Bulgaria. In the first two weeks since we opened, we have had nothing but positive feedback. People are blown away by the experience. Worth-of-mouth marketing is working very well for us - everyone who has played the game is eager to share what an absolutely amazing experience it was, so people post on Facebook and invite friends to try it. As an entrepreneur I am happy to be one of the first on this new market for virtual reality entertainment and I can't think of a better formula than the one Avatarico came up with.

Yuri Popov Barcelona, Spain

We have launched in January 2016. We had all the weekends booked in Febreaury. And we hosted 153 game sessions in March. And that's not the limit! VR games are the future, and Avatarico could be your guide to it.

About us

  • We have 12 real-life games in Barcelona and Saint Petersburg.

  • We are the first company in the world which launched team-based VR entertainment

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