Advantages to upgrading your escape room with VR
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Advantages to upgrading your escape room with VR

This article was originally published at Escape The Roomz by Anton Zaitsev. 

Today there is a great choice of various entertainments to satisfy the need and desires of every escape room player.



But still many people are bored with these familiar things and they want to try something new.  Would you like to surprise your clients by anything extraordinary?  The ideal way out is escape rooms with VR.



VR escape rooms will provide your clients with unbelievable excitement and adrenaline without any risk; moreover, they will experience the inaccessible in real life. Everyone who has ever met the miraculous world of VR games feels on the threshold of the future and is eager to return to a fantastic world without limitations.



Escape rooms with VR are coming off, it is earning and deserving business. So, give your clients a golden opportunity to make an unforgettable journey into a magnificent universe where dreams come true.



Sounds tempting? Just analyze the benefits of opening the VR escape room below and the doubts will completely evaporate.



Why is it worth opening a VR escape room?



As claimed, the sphere of VR escape games is very prospective and it continues growing rapidly. Let`s prop up our arguments and contemplate on its core benefits:



  • Up-to-date experience – This area is rather new and differs greatly from the existing entertainments. You have the opportunity to be the first in your city or a town to open VR escape rooms and be on the top of glory.



  • Lower expenses – The launch of the business of VR escape rooms requires low costs. Previously, you could attract visitors by a small escape room with plain missions and puzzles, but today clients would like to get intriguing twists, exciting stories, interaction with actors, etc.

To do all these you have to invest a large sum of money. Back in 2013, you had to launch your escape room funding approximately $7,000. Nowadays, entrepreneurs spend almost $100,000 or even more to start bleeding-age entertainment facilities.

VR escape games are more appealing as they are very interesting and the expenses are much lower. You need only comfortable chairs and high-quality equipment for VR escape rooms.





  • Lower costs on agenda and maintenance – For VR escape rooms you do not need much space. There is no necessity to rent a large room, a small area for 4-8 people is enough. Since you will not have so many pieces of equipment you won’t spend much money on its maintenance.



  • Little time for game preparation – For a traditional VR session, you have to spend a lot of efforts and time to prepare props for new games. It is important to keep it in your mind otherwise the impressions would be spoiled.

With VR escape rooms everything is much easier. You only need to reload the game and make the equipment clean, that will take you a few minutes. You do not have to remember all the details and peculiarities of the game, all the work will be done by software. 



  • More rational usage of maintenance and space – For traditional VR experiences, the owner is to equip room for every single type of game. You spend money on maintenance for every room and do not know whether this game will come popular. Some rooms will attract clients, others will be standing idle.

For VR escape rooms you can use one room for all games so you save on space and nothing is idle in vain.



  • You always will keep up with times – Clients always want something new.  That is why it is necessary to create new escape rooms. It costs a lot to equip them with the necessary props. To attract new visitors the owner of VR escape games needs to buy new games without making alterations in the room.



As in every business, there are some negative points. Let’s have a quick look at them.





Disadvantages of transforming your space into a VR escape room.



As you see VR escape rooms may be very perspective and have many benefits, but there are some disadvantages as well. Let’s have a look at them.  



  • Absence of full control – It is not difficult to equip escape rooms as you can buy ready-made plans and have escape rooms made for you. Some businessmen plan and build their escape rooms themselves. But programming the VR game is much more difficult, so it is easier simply to buy it. But buying it also means that you do not have total control, you cannot change puzzles and storylines. 



  • More ‘virtual’ than ‘live’ escape game – VR games can create live settings and extraordinary experience but still, they cannot replace true reality settings. They are not so appealing as traditional escape games. Real communication and collaboration with friends cannot be compared with activity via mobile devices. But it has its special benefits. The VR escape room can you the feelings you never find in traditional games. In real life, not everyone can jump with a parachute or explore the space, but there are no barriers in VR escape games. And, surely, there would be some audience to taste it too. 





  • Expenses for the license – VR escape games do not require set decorations and large spaces, but you must purchase commercial equipment, games and ongoing maintenance that are subject to licensing fees. Making a contract and paying a fee for the license you will use games indefinitely. 



  • Motion sickness – There are cases when players feel sick during the game that is why it is necessary to monitor new players and help if necessary. If it happens, the master should treat a player with care, he can refund the money or offer another game. To avoid this problem, it is better to offer some games with moving via teleportation, flying or vehicles. 



  • Equipment maintenance – Headsets are rather expensive. Not all customers treat this delicate equipment carefully. You should constantly control the equipment maintenance and have several backup headsets. 



  • Customers` expectations – Coming for the first time some people expect an exciting experience like a traditional escape room and then astonished to find a video game. What to do? Give a detailed description of games and separate your offerings on the site.  





Consequently, VR escape room is a modern trend developing at a high speed. It does not require too large financial costs. The expenses are reduced by small areas needed and a minimum of maintenance. The main expenditure consists of licensing equipment. VR escape games differ greatly from traditional escape games but it is more privilege than a drawback. Its beauty is in uniqueness and singularity. Where else can your dreams come true?



Do you still hesitate? Every business is a bit risky but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Remember that fortune favors the brave. Get rid of your fears and get down to a prosperous business.

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