Wendy, UK

Did the Virtual Reality game — super fun! For nearly an hour I really felt like I was "in" the game — Awesome! Friendly, helpful staff too. Highly recommended!

Blerta, Czech Republic

I'm not a gamer but it was such a fun experience. It takes a few minutes to get used to the virtual world but after a few minutes it is very immersive. Highly recommend :)

Brayan, USA

This is the best place to take your date,kids,friends, or family to have a very unique experience. The staff is amazing and they make the game enjoyable!

Chris, USA

The virtual reality is a first of its kind experience in Nashville, Highly recommended! the escape rooms our fantastic as well! can't give away to many secrets but i have to tell you it is worth the $ and time. Bring all of the people you can the more people you have the more fun you have!

Anastasia, Russia

What seems to be an ordinary room transforms us into cyborgs flying on an interplanetary spaceship across the stars towards certain death: all this by using VR headsets! I don’tcare that we didn’t beat the game, it was just awesome! Now I can fly!

Mahdia, UK

Great venue. Friendly staff. Never used VR before, amazing experience. Would recommend it!

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