Best ways to monetize VR
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Best ways to monetize VR

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VR as a way to improve working and living conditions

The majority of people link VR with the gaming industry. But do you know that its capabilities are higher? VR has enormous strength that can be embedded in various spheres. We are on the way to embrace new technology in education, medicine, military, etc. Every day VR changes our life, making it easier and more fascinating.  

Best ways to monetize VR- Make Money VR, AR Games 2

VR in the classroom

VR can be used in literature, history, geography, etc. Just imagine visiting any place on the globe and seeing VR panoramas with your own eyes! Don`t you think that the level of knowledge will increase and students become more interested in the subject? Who could ever dream of seeing a whirling tornado or erupting volcano safely? It seems that almost all become possible with VR

VR can be successfully applied in biology as an innovative way of learning anatomy. It is a good solution to make a live presentation of the body, organs, and other different things.

VR technology helps in teaching special children. Those who have autism, for example. There are various scenarios to practice important communicative skills such as making eye contact or working in a team. 

What VR can offer in the sphere of education? 

  • students will get deeper skills being immersed in life-like situations and interacting with each other. Reading books cannot be compared with exploring the topic and ‘living’ it, 
  • learners can get practical skills by being involved in experiments they`ve never tried in real life,
  • students will be inspired to discover themselves and to act more instead of passive listening,
  • it will make experiences memorable and help to boost students’ creativity. 

VR has got all the chances to change the traditional teaching methods and make the educational process more exciting, practical and student-oriented. 

Best ways to monetize VR- Make Money VR, AR Games 3

VR for military training

For sure, it is very expensive, dangerous and time-consuming to train infantry soldiers. With immersive VR experiences, training can become more efficient, safer and cost-effective. Today, there is a great choice of immersive scenarios for military training: boot camp experiences, realistic battlefields, operation of a plane, medical training, navy simulators, etc.

Another key moment is that VR can be implemented at any place: in the classroom, the field, etc. VR for military training simulates sounds and has many moving parts.

Here are some benefits of such a VR usage:

  • quick analysis of military conditions, 
  • ability to make various training programs enthusiastically welcomed,
  • surroundings and conditions simulation for practical purpose, 
  • cost-effectiveness and full safety,
  • immediate feedback from every participant for better personal training coordination. 
Best ways to monetize VR- Make Money VR, AR Games 4

VR for medical training

Unfortunately, today we have a big issue to be solved: a lack of medical staff and high-qualified doctors. We often hear about remote treatment. Can it be touchable? Surprisingly, yes. It is quite possible, moreover, important steps in this direction have been already made. But here we mean a full-fledged remote treatment development that is impossible without VR technologies. 

VR is a great breakthrough in surgical training. A beginner surgeon could be afraid of operating. However, they still need to practice their skills without hurting anyone. VR can help to avoid critical outcomes. It allows beginners to make a deep investigation of every human organ and various operations presented via simulations.

In many hospitals, surgeons have old healthcare technology that gives just two-dimensional images of an organ. Although, to establish an accurate diagnosis they need a three-dimensional object. That`ll help to evaluate the organ from all sides. Again, it may come real with virtual reality.

The main advantages of implementing VR in medicine:

  • possibility of remote treatment,
  • indispensable means for diagnosis, 
  • qualified help from any part of the planet, 
  • possibility to get online medical consultation round-the-clock,
  • medical errors reduction, 
  • cheaper medical teaching. 

Remote cure, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and support are closer than they seem.

VR for heavy industries

Currently, VR is also used for training purposes in heavy industries. Effective training of large groups of people costs a lot. Such kind of training is on the way to become more accessible to the masses. You could create, for instance, a hazard scenario, so your learners are ready to solve any tangled problem successfully in the future. 

VR-enhanced training creates realistic workplace experiences. It eases risks and takes training to a safer environment. There you can create a realistic setup of fires, emergencies, disasters where it is possible to practice without risking lives. A person can cope with methane gas leaks, work in a VR factory, put out the fire, etc. Any number of trainees can get the necessary practical skills. 

A good example of implementing VR in the industry is ‘Rosatom’. VR is used for the effective construction of nuclear power plant units. It makes it easier to optimize the construction process. VE CADWall provides a person’s movement tracking in front of a virtual scene and interacts with virtual objects via special suits and gloves. 

The main reasons to use VR in heavy industries:

  • reducing the term of product development,
  • providing a better study of ergonomics, thus improving the quality of goods, 
  • minimizing the number of errors during product development, 
  • allowing for involving a client in the process of layout, increasing customer satisfaction, 
  • cutting repair and maintenance costs by developing and prototyping the goods and their production process. 

VR for entertainment

Best ways to monetize VR- Make Money VR, AR Games 5

Location-based entertainment (LBE)

One of the major ways to monetize VR is the gaming industry. Children, teenagers, and adults are keen on games. They are always fond of immersive entertainment like VR escape rooms, seated or warehouse VR games, etc. That is why LB VR is a prosperous business. It almost always allows for direct monetization. 

Many large companies create amusement park adaptations as if one wants to be afloat it is necessary to use modern technologies. Thus, The Void provides VR hyper-reality games that allow the participants for a deep game immersion containing physical feedback and admire special effects. An interesting fact is that The Void is dealing with Disney. There was also presented an experience by Entermission, where players could feel the wind, temperature, smells, etc. To see the full potential of VR escape rooms, experience flights in zero-gravity, combats and bare-hands interaction, choose the game Cosmos by Avatarico. For those who crave for unthinkable immersion, there is a free-roam. There, players are free to act as they want seeing arms and legs via trackers all over their bodies. This wow-factor was firstly used by Zero Latency. Sure, for their VR experiences, you`d need more space. 

Besides, there are room-scale VR. For shooter-lovers, you can choose Hologate. For captivating space-efficient escape games for up to 6 players, pay attention to Avatarico

To get a cheaper business, try VR arcades as it is necessary to pay per play model. For those who have limited space, seated VR is a good way out. These games are also vivid and breathtaking. Laser tag VR will give your clients a full immersion in cyberspace, weapons with first-class optics simulating recoil. 

VR ARENA by Virtuix represents itself as a high-velocity VR e-sport attraction. Everyone finds something cool for oneself as there are more than 20 games on the platform. VR arenas are gaining momentum and becoming stronger every passing day.  

Best ways to monetize VR- Make Money VR, AR Games 6

VR for video shooting and design

The world is so mysterious. There are so many fascinating places. Unfortunately, we cannot globe trope the whole world but we can see and admire the world’s beauty via 360 video streaming   

360 video streaming is vastly used not only in exploring the world but in various business spheres: design, sale, fashion, etc. Imagine the success of an exhibition or a showroom with VR technology. Buying a house becomes easier with VR, as one can see the interior and exterior variations with their own eyes. The customer doesn’t need to waste time visiting every suggested house as it is possible to make a virtual tour and depict all merits and issues. 

As you see, there is a bunch of ways to monetize VR. You can choose one according to your interests and capabilities. It is an arduous choice as every variation has its benefits. Think carefully and be prosperous. 

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