How To Choose A VR Provider For Your Escape Room Business
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How To Choose A VR Provider For Your Escape Room Business

This article was originally published at Escape Front

We already listed companies you can collaborate within the previous article. Now it’s time to deep dive into partnership as a separate subject since there is a lot of nuances.

Who Are You Looking For?

First of all, answer yourself what is your goal

  1. You have a free space, and you need to fill it up with something
  2. You want to raise your bookings by adding a product to your roster (more options a customer has the higher number of bookings)
  3. You want to cover a new audience and meet its demand (kids, families, corporates, females, males, elders)
  4. You want to raise your capacity, so you can host bigger groups
  5. You want to try a new format so you can evolve
  6. You want to work on the image of your center, making the best entertainment center in the city
  7. You want to start a new venture with the new product
  8. You want to scale your business up, building a chain or a franchise

Who Are They Looking For?

And then, scan the message a VR provider tells.

  1. Do they want to spread their product across as many places as possible and leave operations to the owners?
  2. Do they want to build a franchise and build their brand with your help?
  3. Do they seek partners to provide turnkey solutions and distribute their games in the region?
  4. Do they seek partners to develop new products together?

What About Exclusivity?

Do they provide the exclusivity for your area? Being the first one in the city is the greatest advantage. And being the only one will keep you safe from competitors and that is especially important for small cities

What Are The Factors Of Success?

Understanding The Format

Did they build the product from a real-life escape perspective in mind? What is their origin? Did they open real-life escape rooms by themselves? Do they understand the real-life escape business needs, worries and challenges? Do they design their products as escape rooms that could be successful in a real center?

Success Story

How long do they do this? What actual locations succeed with their products? What is the number of bookings in these locations? What is the TripAdvisor, Facebook or Yelp rating there? What do real people say about the experience?


Do they back up these success stories with some data? Do they disclose any aggregated data about the locations? Do they count the number of bookings in these locations by themselves? How do they measure customers’ reactions and loyalty?

One of the ways to do that is to get the Net Promoter Score. You ask a client to rate the likelihood of recommending the experience to a friend or colleague. “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend the game to a friend or a colleague?” Based on their rating, players are then classified in 3 categories: detractors (score from 1 to 6), passives (7 and 8 scores) and promoters (9 and 10 scores). The NPS is determined by subtracting the percentage of customers who are detractors from the percentage who are promoters. So you have an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend the game to others.

Number Of Locations

How many entertainment venues are using their products?

What Tools For Success Do They Provide?

Can you get a turnkey solution from them? Is it possible to buy the hardware and everything from them? Is it possible to do everything by yourself?

Do their products have marketing potential? Will these games get you traction?

Do they provide marketing support? Will they advise and help you with running a website or an ad campaign? Do they have such expertise?

Do they train your staff?

Will they do the operations? Or is it up to you?

Will you be able to you distribute their games to other businesses in your country?

Will you be able to develop your own game for your own brand?


The main point here is that you should ask a lot of questions to yourself before reaching a VR provider like Avatarico. And then you should carefully listen and ask the questions listed above so you could understand do you fit each other, do you have common goals, and do you meet each other’s standards. Once you find the right company, there will be a lot of hard work. And we’ll cover this in the next article.

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