Top 5 multiplayer LB VR games
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Top 5 multiplayer LB VR games

The article was originally published on AffinityVR by Anton Zaitsev. 

Virtual reality can be sometimes taken as something that borders overwhelmingness and isolation. Once you enter any AAA-level FPS, your real friends turn into AI avatars. We tend to lose friends even without the assistance of VR. As you get older, you witness it.

But, don`t give way to despair and snatch off your headset yet! Virtual reality hosts a world of squad-based and multiplayer games supported across various platforms.  

It may be a while until you realize the ultimate of this LB VR experience. The one that unites VR enthusiasts all over the globe.

While developers begin seeing the potential benefits in creating LB games, the genre itself continues to grow in popularity. In-home VR and location-based VR are different creatures. In LV VR, people want to see short experiences, multiplayer and a chance to chat. 

Creating experience that you can`t have at home appears to be the secret of success. Game developer companies try to create friends-friendly or family-friendly content whilst multi-users considered to be a number-one money-maker. Or, if you attract your audience not via multiplayer, you`d better raise the element of spectacle to intrigue the crowd. The content gathering people together in a physical space is humming along smoothly. Whereas a developer could within a few months port an existing VR game to LB VR.

Here are our top of the most tempting LB VR games for you to encounter.

Arizona Sunshine

Located in the port city of Rotterdam, a Dutch development studio Vertigo Games is well-known for its VR games across various genres. In 2018 the company unveiled Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition, a post-apocalyptic southwestern America zombie-shooter which sooner burst from the other FPS hits. 

The untethered experience makes it possible for crews of four to join up and survive new missions. Arm yourself with a range of motion-controlled weapons, get a free move around and interact in one huge real-world space experiencing full-body tracking while smashing up zombies with their arms outstretched.

Nothing feels more real when zombies are approaching and you are standing on the edge of the huge drop.

Sol Raiders

That is the latest Zero Latency competitive free-roam VR experience. Lately, the company sets its sights on an ambitious multiplayer VR.

Set in a post-Earth universe where robots mercenaries fight for control of a rare new power source, the game comprises the fast-paced actions of an FPS shooter.

Sol Riders embodies an unprecedented team-based experience for those with an impetuous thirst for competition.

Zero Latency boasts for its advanced chaperone system, which implements unique protection tools. By its means, the risk of a player-on-player collision has greatly minimized. So far it seems like a kind of refreshing experience whilst a player has a chance to fight alongside real people against real enemies. Up to eight players are welcome to play at once.


Zero gravity voyage is the one that has rooted in our dreams since childhood. Plunging into, players become avatars dowered with telekinesis and laser shooting power necessary to survive missions against hostile robots.

So far Avatarico`s Cosmos has been flourishing for five years with NPS 50% (the same as the whole Netflix has)

Set as a multiplayer experience, it is also a sedentary activity designed to provide a unique experience to the crew of 2-6 players. For players it becomes possible to see each other, to chat and to give a hi-five.

A highlight during the game is no doubt unprecedented technology. No need to use VR controllers but a feeling of real touch. Its unfabled VR potential is realized via up-to-date technologies like HTC Vive room-scale tracking and Leap Motion. Plus, you`ll get a space-efficient title as only 25 square meters required as a minimum square. It seems not quite large if to mind flying at any speed through space and space stations.

The Cosmos is shaped a rather simple, low difficulty, experience accessible to everyone (even those who have no idea what`s VR for). Once you taste it, you`ll crave it.

Halo: Training Grounds

Halo: Training Grounds is shaped as a location-based free-roam VR, part of a hugely renowned Halo franchise, offering players to team up against one another in the nip-and-tuck battle. Plunging further into the Halo universe, you`ll encounter all-kinds weaponry, characters, vehicles, and an iconic Warthog. Two teams of three compete against each other in tribute to top Spartan.

Considering weaponry, each player is armed with a Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol.

The game is created for fans and families of different ages to discover new experiences and jangle one`s nerves. Either way, including an LB competitive VR, interactive museum, a laser-tag arena, and other Halo-universe attractions, Halo: Training Grounds is popping up to be a splendid event.

Basing on Zero Latency, Entermission, Avatarico, and other companies experience, free-roam, arcades, and escape room go off briskly. Your task is just to decide what to choose when it deals with content, space, and technology.

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