Top VR headsets to buy in 2019
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Top VR headsets to buy in 2019

The article was originally published on Affinity VR by Anton Zaitsev. 

How to choose the right equipment for LB VR

Virtual reality is becoming more popular than ever before. It keeps us engrossed and it seems to be poised to appear in every house, shopping mall, club and elsewhere. You can follow its traces in commercials and, probably, your local store tech sections. VR headsets are certainly becoming not as expensive as you used to think. Even though they are designed to unlock a reality of escape, not all are equal ranging from PC, PS4, standalone 3DOF, and 6DOF.

However, with LBE (location-based VR entertainment) and out-of-home-based experiences and systems getting sophisticated, various VR escape, free-roam, and arcade attractions started bringing in constant audience and profit. Most of the location-based virtual reality providers prefer a high-quality game experience and the one that makes players untethered a PC. Some of them try to stick to larger confines (Zero Latency), others tend to constrain the experiences provided to a room-scale VR (Avatarico).

Just before we plunge in, you need to decide which headset will suit you, how much money you`re ready to spend and what sorts of experiences you`re seeking for. And, for sure, you are to mind your customers` needs and things they could afford to stop by on a weekly basis.


We`re going to tell you about the greatest VR headsets on the market, here and now.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing a headset for your VR center. First, what is your budget? And second, what experience do you want to offer? We suggest you consider the best headsets on the market today, to compare their prices and to understand what experience can be expected from their use.

Top VR headsets to buy in 2019
  1. Oculus Go. 

            It is one of the most convenient VR headsets as it is a standalone one. There is no need for a special console, PC or smartphone. Oculus Go uses 3DOF (Degrees of Freedom). The latter is for the number of directions you can observe moving the pointer in 3D. You will not get a chance for a free walk or hands movement. 3DOF headsets are able to monitor where your head is oriented and know what and where you are looking at now. You have a chance to look around but your viewpoint is fixed. It is like the whole VR sticks to your head movement and moves the way you do. You see everything from the same distance. 

 So far as its battery life is only about 2 hours, you need to count how many headsets you are to have to welcome, let`s say, sixty people a day. If there is no desire or wish to get a LB VR content yet, Oculus Go will match your expectations.

However, this is one of the best headsets for the first immersion in the virtual world both for adults or children. It will take you $330.

  • PlayStation VR. 

If you plan to get a console, PlayStation VR would be a great and profitable addition. PSVR fans will be able to immerse themselves in VR more easily. In addition to the PS4 console, you will need to purchase in a headset and motion controllers. 

Here it usually acts as extra entertainment for both VR and non-VR clubs. PSVR comes together with low-cost virtual reality arcades and, unfortunately, we can`t put it on the one list with high-end headsets presupposing an exclusive content, multiplayer, LB VR or VR as such for a wider audience.  

Although the graphics quality is quite low, it offers mutual interaction. The price of a VR headset is $499 (with PS4 console being not included).

  • Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive Pro 

The best graphics quality can be provided by the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pro. These are room-sized 6DOF (when both your head position and orientation is tracked – in other words where you are looking and your position in space) virtual reality headsets. 6 DOF VR headsets allow you to move naturally in virtual space, everything seems to be the same way as in the real world: you can move your hands, look at different objects from different perspectives, bend over and walk around. They are being sold together with controllers. Both of them suit for certain system requirements – whether a gaming laptop or a PC with a high-performance graphics processor. 

Having no need for custom-made equipment and being a real catch for a unique VR experiment, Avatarico`s experience proves that those models are pretty suitable for LBE. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pro have a convenient and very useful tracking system that warns users about playground boundaries. Of course, these headsets may appear not to be so budget-friendly, but your visitors will experience the most exciting VR of complete immersion and will want to come back to you again. 

You can buy Oculus Rift for $550 and HTC Vive Pro for $1325. Mind that in both cases the cost of the computer is not included.

  • Oculus Quest and Vive Focus 
Top VR headsets to buy in 2019
Top VR headsets to buy in 2019

Oculus Quest and Vive Focus are the new-comers of this year. These are standalone 6DOF headsets, which are declared to bear a great quality without no need for powerful computers and extra cables. So, searching for a high-level virtual reality, untethered headsets are the best option.

With any location-based content applied, these headsets require additional optimization. The world`s current market lacks such content but it will definitely appear in the near future. 

BothOculus Quest and Vive Focus will charge you only $550 and $795.

For sure, both virtual reality technology and its hardware are constantly evolving. But now you can choose the right and top-notch equipment for your VR business based on this list.

We hope that all the recommendations will help you to plan your future business and to pay attention to the important details that will lead you to success and profit.

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