What do you need to know before opening your VR club
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What do you need to know before opening your VR club

The article was originally published on Affinity VR

In the past, the topic of virtual reality existed only in people’s` imagination and in sci-fi books. No one was sure that one day it would become a reality. However, with the rapid development of technology, modern achievements can offer us a unique experience that we’ve never known before. VR is also included on this list.

Every day, more and more people are becoming aware of this technology, they purchase products related to it and attend relevant events.

Today VR is used in many different spheres of our lives: education, medicine, entertainment, etc. Some people can learn or work with the help of VR, while others perceive it as a pleasant and favorite pastime. Some people decide to start their business and connect it with VR. 

If you have been thinking about opening your VR venture, but you can’t see where to start and what factors are worth considering, then this article is for you.

The paragraphs below will help you with taking the necessary steps to the successful opening of your VR business:

1. Be responsible while choosing the location.

First of all, you should determine the place where your VR platform will be located. Many opt between entertainment centers or theme parks. The main criterion here will be a favorable location which is convenient for city residents (most often it’s the city center). Such centers have a good chance to increase popularity and to attract new visitors. Moreover, large and successful shopping and entertainment centers use various types of outdoor and online advertising.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that your VR center does not have to be located in the very center of the city. People would still like to visit your place, although it may be located far away. Besides, the absence of other major shopping and entertainment outlets near will be a good advantage. All you need is proper advertising and promotion. You should make people know about your VR center existence. 

You should pay particular attention to the rental rate of your future center. You are to correlate it with your planned profit per square meter. 

Let’s say there is a game where 4 people can play in a 20×20 room. And there is another exactly the same room, but the game is provided for up to 6 people at once. The last experience wins since the calculation per square meter will come out a little more expensive – more people in less space. Try to access space-efficiency beforehand also minding the product you are eager to implement. For instance, Zero Latency creates titles for a team of 8 for 100 sq m, Avatarico offers 25 sq m as a playground for 6 users at once.

Accordingly, the more space-efficient VR product is, the more expensive area you can afford.

2. Before opening a VR center, draw up your company development plan for the year ahead

It can be very difficult for you to imagine what your new place will be like in a month or two, not to mention a whole year. Nevertheless, this is an important point that cannot be ignored as proper planning greatly affects the future success of your business. 

For example, during a month you can track the audience flow in your chosen location, the specifics of that place. You may also hire a special agency for this purpose. Also, you can contact a center owner and get useful information or advice from them to have an idea of the seasonality, its ‘best’ and ‘worst’ months in terms of the number of visitors, profit, etc. Track for VR centers being constantly loaded, try to get in touch with their owners and get to know the recipe for such a success.

3. Аgree on the most favorable conditions with the landlord.

When you rent a room, you should talk to its owner about rental conditions. Since you are going to open your own business, you need time, money and of course, a discount. You need to talk about this with the owner, explain the situation and try to agree on the most favorable conditions both for you and them.

For example, you can try to discuss the option of providing discounts for several months in advance, justifying this by saying that you are a new-comer and it is important for you to get a good start. In other words, you take a ‘holiday’ or time off during construction. You can touch upon the center`s favorable location, the opportunity to make a large banner at the entrance or place advertising signs, etc.

You should decide initially on how many rooms you`d like to open. Then choose the place where you can expand (rent more rooms nearby, for example), its capacity and is there any chance of expanding at all. So in the case of a large people flow, attendance and profit growth, it will have to look for a new VR room.

The most important thing is to develop gradually. Especially if a company launch, management, design, content and equipment choice and finding partners rests on your shoulders. If an agency helps you with this, then the best option will be to follow a well-formed strategic and economic plan.

4. Create a unique design in advance.

Before you open your VR center, take care of its future style. Many businessmen make a mistake: first, they open their place, and only after they think about the design and marketing strategy. Don’t be the same.

First, we recommend you create a website where your place`s design and the information necessary for potential visitors and partners can be clearly seen. Websites can be created on different platforms, keeping within the amount of up to $1000. You can link your website to social networks so that users can set the geolocation on their posts after visiting, thus advertising you.

Second, think carefully about the style of your VR club. It should be properly framed: feel free to apply graffiti, hang pictures, create branded clothes, etc. Hire an animator or an entertainer, organize a photo area, etc. Through positive emotions, people will want to return. They will remember you by what packaging you present. That’s why when starting a business, you shouldn’t lose sight of this aspect. 

We hope that all the recommendations will help you to plan your future business and to pay attention to the important details that will lead you to success and profit.

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