What VR Solutions In The Market Fit The Escape Room Model
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What VR Solutions In The Market Fit The Escape Room Model

This article was originally published by Anton Zaitsev at Escape Front

Are you ready to provide a brand-new escape room format in your area?

Practice shows that consumers are ready to bargain for exclusive offers and are all set to pay for them. Since the audience is on the way to expect more from any sort of VR, the owners of escape rooms lean over backward to provide unprecedented and outside-the-box experiences creatively.

What about some cutting edge formats that the escape room market thirsts for? What are the expectations in your area?

More than that now seems the best time ever to start this venture and present something sheerly specific to your customers in your city. Right, we are here to dwell on VR.

VR is a perfectly new step in escape games. It grows rapidly worldwide so if you want to make your business lucrative, VR is the solution.

It will give your clients the most unforgettable experience. Trying VR escapes for the first time your visitors will eager to come back again and again.

VR Escape Room Formats

Today several VR escape room formats can suit your business model. Each of them has something unusual, appealing. These are the ones that deserve your attention:

1.  VR Arcades

These games are created for people who are anxious to become immersed in the live-action with friends. With this game players kill two birds with one stone: they have sweet time completing missions and collaborating in a multi-player experience.

When a person wants to participate alone, he or she can choose the game according to interests from the great variety. During a certain period, players enjoy a chosen game in a rented booth.

Sounds great? To provide your clients with this popular activity, you ought to conclude a license agreement with developers of the chosen game.  Such companies as Hologate offer this possibility. Another way to get is via online platforms such as Steam.

Note that some VR arcades can offer more activities besides VR: classical video games, laser tag, snack bars, etc. It means that you can attract more traffic by adding them.

escape room vr solutions

2.  Escape Room Profiles With VR Solutions

This option is especially appreciated by entrepreneurs for the easy transformation of their rooms. Just a few adjustments and you are always in trend. You need a minimum of equipment, props, and scenery. The latter may cause the feeling of the room emptiness, but it is just a trick of vision.

Take care of giving your clients comfortable revolving chairs, game controllers, headphones, microphones, headsets of good quality. And surely purchase game software supplying in digital form.

As in a traditional escape room, participants fulfill the mission, overcome obstacles interacting with each other. The difference consists of the fact that there is no necessity to walk or run since you are sitting comfortably and the unbelievable virtual world opens for you. In this virtual world, a person can do everything ever depicted. The only limit is the game designers’ imaginations.

Do you like it? Are you ready for a startup? Then choose VR games from companies that develop them for commercial usage.

Such companies like Avatarico design crew-based VR games dedicated to commercial use.

escape room vr solutions

3.  VR And Escape Games Fusion

These types of games are surely appealing as well. Why? Hybrid VR-live adventure games can give you such emotions that you cannot get anywhere else. Here you will find the miraculous merger of VR and live-action.

The main equipment of this ‘hyper-reality’ is a headset but the activity of the participants is not restricted by a chair. VR game becomes more life-like, intense and vivid by creating special space where players manipulate via props. Simple objects in daily life turn into special things and help to create the other wonderful world. Moreover, the player is immersed in the atmosphere by great special effects such as smells, water splashes, air gusts, etc. All these provide your clients with extraordinary sensual experience. Sounds tempting?

It goes without saying, these hyper-reality VR games soon will become popular everywhere. Any person can become a prosperous businessman buying the game franchise or to collaborate with some giants like Sandbox VR or the VOID, for instance.

Summing up, all the above-mentioned VR escape room formats can give your clients unforgettable emotions and vivid experience. Here a person can try everything beyond the reach of daily life, that is why this area attracts new visitors daily and has all the chances to bring a good income.

As per predictions, the world VR gaming market will have reached $45 billion by 2025 and it is not the limit.

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