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Orlin Radev, Bulgaria
VR arcade owner

The Cosmos game is a total hit. In the first two weeks since we opened, we have had nothing but positive feedback. Worth-of-mouth marketing is working very well for us - everyone who has played the game is eager to share what an absolutely amazing experience it was, so people post on Facebook and invite friends to try it. As an entrepreneur I am happy to be one of the first in this new market for virtual reality entertainment and I can't think of a better formula than the one Avatarico came up with.

Yuri Popov, Spain
VR arcade owner

We launched in January 2016. We had all the weekends booked in February. And we hosted 153 game sessions in March. Not the last of it! VR games are the future, and Avatarico will be your guide to it.

Polina Nekrasova, Switzerland
VR arcade owner

We are happy with Alice in Wonderland: Crazy Clockwork. Most people who come to play enjoy their experience and want to come back to try other VR experiences that we offer. It is suitable for clients of varied ages, starting at kids (10 y.o.) birthday parties, family outings with all mixed ages and of course it is just as popular with team building for companies. Alice is a great introduction to VR and we are happy with this game.

Michael, Australia
VR arcade owner

Combining the wonder and realism of VR with the collaboration and thinking of escape rooms is a brilliant idea. Customers have a blast and are constantly amazed by how realistic it feels. Whether they're young or old, 1st timers at VR or gamers who play VR, male or female, they all have a great time. Cosmos has been more popular than Mind Horror as it has broader appeal (can be played by kids) although both are great games. Great work Avatarico & we look forward to further games improvements & more games.

Dan Macovei, Romania
VR arcade owner

VR center is maximum interest not only for the final customer but also for some Investors in developing the brand, games, and application. Avatarico’s games are quite interesting and captivate the interest of the customer. Until now everything about collaborating with Avatarico was great and they are highly responsive to our emails.

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