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Wendy, UK

Did the Virtual Reality game — super fun! For nearly an hour I really felt like I was "in" the game — Awesome! Friendly, helpful staff too. Highly recommended!

Blerta, Spain

I'm not a gamer but it was such a fun experience. It takes a few minutes to get used to the virtual world but after a few minutes it is very immersive. Highly recommend :)

Brayan, USA

This is the best place to take your date, kids, friends or family to have a very unique experience. The staff is amazing and they make the game enjoyable!

Mahdia, UK

Great venue. Friendly staff. Never used VR before, amazing experience. Would recommend it!

Christine, USA

It really forces teamwork in a fun way. It was so cool being an actual video game type experience and interacting with my teammates in the virtual world.

Jojo, Bulgaria

WOW! I don't want to reveal too much but I can say it's a unique experience. It's like you are in there... or out there, more pricisely :) Especially when you are floating in zero gravity! You just forget about the "real" world and you feel that you are actually in zero gravity... Amazing.

Kolë, Czech Republic

The best experience I've ever had. At first I didn't even want to go, because I thought that the virtual reality would lag like all of them do. I am so lucky my brother made me go with him and try it, because there was no lagging at all. It felt like a real life experience. Last time I felt like this is when I watched Avatar in 3D. But that is nothing compared to this. If you have a group of 4 or 5 people, go and have the best 90min of your life.

Marina, Germany

Great virtual reality experience. The interactive team work was amazing! Highly recommend for friends or corporate team building. Thanks for a memorable experience VR QUEST!


Virtual reality cannot be justified through 2D pictures. You have to try it in person! The Cosmos game completely blew our mind. We became avatars (like the blue people from the movie "Avatar") with super abilities in our hands (telekenisis and laser shooting power). We could fly at any speed we wanted through space and space stations. When I put on that headset, I realized that the future of science fiction is here.

Kade, Australia

Wife and I visited tonight for our first vr experience. It was awesome, a true out of body experience. We will be visiting again soon to try other games.

Eve, Bulgaria

We were really satisfied with the technology and the overall experience - we were actually IN space. :) You should try flying to the spaceship window and take a look at the universe. Will come back for sure for another dose.

LaWanda, USA

This was a great time and experience with my husband and 12 & 15 year olds. We had such a great time! I would definitely recommend going! I know we will be back soon!

Pavel, Czech Republic

So much fun. I was worried it'd be uncomfortable but it was totally fine, once you get used to your avatar you totally forget about the real world ! Also I liked the fact that you'll advance only if you communicate with other players, team work makes dream work!!! Thx we'll be back !

Matt, Denmark

Much better than the usual escape games! Great job, lots of fun.

Jack, Australia

Blown away. I've used a lot of VR over the years and have always felt them to be quite manufactured, often feeling nauseous and never left with the feeling of escaping to a new world ... this however truly changed my opinion on VR. The tech is exceptional, graphics are incredible and by 5 minutes you've forgotten that you're in a computer simulation. Definitely worth a try.

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